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VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications. Microsoft created VBA in 1997, as a dialect of Visual Basic (VB).

The phrase "for Applications" means that VBA is designed to interact with Microsoft Office applications. In other words, VBA automatizes the applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access and provides them with (almost) any extra functionality

A clear user interface places these extra features at the user's disposal. Good VBA programming brings with it the necessary complexity and a “look and feel” not distinguishable from other Windows applications.

I am committed to high quality standards in VBA development. They include strictly typed variables, a consistent naming convention (LNC), consequent structuring in manageable modules, error trapping, a self-explanatory user interface, detailed feed-back for batch processes as well as transparent change management.

I use both techniques of procedural and object-oriented programming.

Trigonella examples:

MS Word: Stationery with guided initialization
Automated billing
MS Excel: Processing SAP data
MS PowerPoint: Compliance to CI standards, and automatizations
MS Access: Database interacting with MS Word
Systems: MS Access–MS Word
Mainframe–MS Access–MS Excel–MS Word
AI / ML: Neural network

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