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Nothing is impossible!

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The Microsoft Office family is a powerful development platform that goes far beyond the front end of these applications, much further than the majority of users know. Apart from games with 3D modeled graphical interfaces, almost anything can be programmed using Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access and combinations thereof.

To illustrate this, I created a machine learning application using Excel that automatically learns the user's handwritten digits. With the help of clever feature engineering and an elegant architecture of the underlying neural network, the learning process can be optimized to such an extent that accuracies of more than 90% are achieved after just a few hundred learning steps.

If you are interested in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), you can find more information about the project and the link to download the Excel workbook here.

The message here, however, is simple: there are only a few needs in industry and trade that cannot be met by using the Microsoft Office platform with regard to automation processes.

Contact me if you have a similar task.

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