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StatiBot is a marvelous piece of work; I have not seen anything like it before. It combines the benefits of:

1. an expert advisor to select the test and evaluate the data for suitability,
2. a general statistical package, with a respectable range of tests for basic data analysis,
3. a well-designed system for presenting and interpreting the results of the test, and
4. a source of references that a user can look up to learn more about the tests.

John C. Pezzullo, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Pharmacology and Biostatistics
Webmaster of

Georgetown University,
Medical Center,
Department of Pharmacology,
Washington, DC

An innovative, elegant, and reliable product for statistics.

Anders Stjarne,
Performance Consultant at Aliant Inc.,
member of the School of Business Administration, Dalhousie University

Great site!!

I plan to send my stats students to check it out!

Dr. Deletha Hardin,
University of Tampa

My greatest admiration, congratulation and thanks for having created such a helpful and brilliant contribution.

Dr. W. Russ,

Great guide to selecting and interpreting statistical tests!!!

This software guides you through entering your data, selecting the appropriate statistical test, running the test, and - most importantly - interpreting the results. The interpretation section is especially good, being the most comprehensive I've ever seen. You can enter your data online or cut and paste from a spreadsheet or statistical software package. A must for statistics students!

N. N., College Stats Teacher,
Review at

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